Genesis Three Sides Liveダウンロード急流

Three Sides Live (engl. für: „Drei Seiten Live“) ist das dritte Live-Album der britischen Rockband Genesis. Es wurde im Juni 1982 veröffentlicht. 2018/04/16 Genesis – Three Sides Live レーベル: Charisma – GE 2002 フォーマット: 2 × Genesis Three Sides Live (2xLP, Album, Promo, RE) Virgin, Charisma GE-2002, GE 2002 Australia Unknown このバージョンを出品 66 50 008, 63

Three Sides Live Álbum ao vivo de Genesis Lançamento 1 de Junho de 1982 Gênero(s) Pop Rock Rock progressivo Duração 1 h 32 min 42 seg Gravadora(s) Charisma Records/Virgin (Reino Unido) Three Sides Live é o terceiro álbum ao vivo da banda britânica de rock Genesis, lançado em 1 de Junho de 1982 e registra a turnê de …

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Background: Man, Genesis did a lot of live albums – this was their third (and they’ve issued three more since then). Genesis Live was quickly put together at the behest of their British record label, while Seconds Out was considered a more authoritative document of their live shows – by that time, Peter Gabriel was gone, but Steve Hackett was still with …

Listen to Three Sides Live by Genesis on Deezer. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. Three Sides Live è il terzo album dal vivo del gruppo musicale britannico Genesis, pubblicato nel 1982 dalla Charisma Records. 2017/08/11 Sin exagerar, Three Sides Live es un disco excelente del Genesis post-Gabriel. Incluso, hasta podría ser un “grandes éxitos”. Fijate que se trata de una grabación de Junio de 1982, o sea unos 6 años después de la partida de Peter Gabriel. ≪Disc 6 - Three Sides Live [Stereo]≫ 01. Turn It On Again 02. Dodo 03. Abacab 04. Behind The Lines 05. Duchess 06. Me And Sarah Jane 07. Follow You Follow Me ≪Disc 7 - Three Sides Live

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